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Mothering After Loss

In December 2011, we lost our first baby to a missed miscarriage. We fell pregnant in September and were elated at the news. We had just surprised our families with the arrival of a new baby when our ultrasound revealed there was no longer a heartbeat at 13 weeks. I remember feeling like my heart had fallen into my stomach and I wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there so I didn’t have to face the world and tell everyone why I was no longer pregnant.

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A First-Time Mom's Story

It’s Day 262 of my little one; officially 37 weeks and 2 days old to be exact.  

As I'm writing my story tonight, I asked myself why I have the desire to share a glimpse of my journey to a group whom I haven't fully met. But then I realized that this Postpartum Support Group is actually part of my motherhood journey and I am grateful about it.  I am glad to have known a strong woman like Jen, whom I met in one of the stroller walks in 2018.  So here I am, empowered to share my story as I aim to help in uplifting women to thrive the struggles of motherhood.

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