When I Dealt With Infertility (5 romantic comedies that described my life)

Do you ever feel like a movie should be based on your life? Do you feel like you have a life filled with drama, emotion, heartache, hope, and a lot of sex? Yes, the infertile life seems like it should have its own mini-series, but without the surprise pregnancy or the scandal of the mother's sister's cousin who is actually your son. Some of these will be more obvious; can you guess which Rom Com movies these titles mimic?

1. Sara Dip and Pee: Sara has purchased 1000 pregnancy tests online in bulk, but accidentally got the ones where you have to pee in a container first. She tests at least 3 times a day and her wastebasket is full and she even shines a flashlight behind every test to see if there's the tiniest hint of a line there, hoping it's just a coincidence that there isn't one. 

2. The Wedding Stinger: Jane and Chase are at a wedding, and it seems like every woman there is pregnant. They also can't help but think that Chantel and Logan, the newly married couple, will get pregnant before they will. "Do you really want to hurt me?" they think.

3. Petty Woman: Kari can't help but secretly want to cuss out every pregnant woman who complains about her pregnancy symptoms, even morning sickness, so she goes to a store she has no business being in and screams at the sales attendant when they give her attitude. Kari can't believe she is actually jealous of morning sickness, and that the credit card she used was hers, not some rich dudes'.

4. How to Lose your Mind in 10 Days: The dreaded Two Week Wait haunts Mary at every turn. Every symptom, every sign, could it be a good sign or bad sign? She is finding it very difficult to keep her "Composure".

5. The Princess Cried: Francine just ate 15 buttercup chocolate bars and her Prince Humperdink, oh, never mind. It feels like the man with 6 fingers is there at every examination and the IVF/IUI gods taunt her with words like "As you Wish..."

And one bonus movie...

6. Knocked up. Ok, that's just cruel. And funny.

What surprised you most about postpartum?: That it’s not just physically exhausting, that it is emotionally exhausting, loving someone that much. And... how much joy is found even in the exhaustion. Oh, and how all that annoying crap that all my friends with kids said, about how quickly they grow up and how it’s a different kind of love... is true.

What supports did or didn't you have?: Friends and family who all had older children, and whose lives I fit into even less now that I didn’t have the freedom to go to them whenever they were free to spend time together.

Wisdom you'd like to pass on to other moms: You are not defined by the number of children you have, nor how you came about them. They shape who you are, but all of us have “mother hearts”, which allows us to love and cherish our children.

Written by Chiara Fritzler <3