Strelle Wellness's Story

Strelle was brought to life from my own struggles with pregnancy and postpartum. Activity was something that always helped me both physically and mentally before we had kids. Suffering from depression and anxiety for most of my life, exercise brought me the needed relief depending on the day. Some days it was an escape, some days a vent for frustration, anger or sadness, some days it would help bring me into a positive mindset and somedays it just helped me to sort out my many feelings and ideas. 

When I was pregnant with my first, I had really bad anxiety about the weight I was gaining. Every weigh in at the doctors felt like I was being graded, too much weight or two little weight, I never seemed to feel good about the number on the scale. Then the postpartum phase hit and I felt lost. I felt like I could no longer identify with my former fit self. My body was different in so many ways. I understood that it would change, but actually living those changes was hard. 

Trying to return to exercise felt incredibly difficult. Without proper guidance, I felt like I was shooting in the dark at a moving target. My old methods were not helping me gain muscle or lose the fat, I was a different person now and I didn’t know how to cope with that. Everyone told me that leaking pee was just part of being a Mama, or that my ‘mummy tummy’ could be fixed with a pair of high waisted lulus. 

So I researched. I put my effort into learning about the amazing female body. Changes it goes through, trauma it faces, needs that it now has and will have in the future. After my second baby was born in 2016 I decided that other Mamas also felt a little lost and could benefit from some help and normalization of the process. I wanted Mamas to feel Strong, Confident and Empowered in their bodies. I wanted to help them see that although their bodies are different after carrying a child, they are not worse, but in fact stronger and more capable than they ever imagined. 

Physical fitness in postpartum can help bring back a sense of self, help Mamas connect with their changing bodies, relieve stress, sleep deeper, have more energy, and combat some of the symptoms of Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Rage. Setting time aside for yourself is a game changer. It doesn’t need to be an hour of uninterrupted time, it can be a sweaty 20 minute workout, or a walk in the sunshine, or a dance party in the kitchen while making dinner. Setting the intention and creating habits will go a long way to a healthy, happy Mama. 

Mamas are incredible and through personal training and small group training (both online and in person), I am able to help them feel it to their core. It isn’t about losing the ‘baby weight', or ‘getting their pre-baby body back’, it is about embracing your current season and creating tools to help you achieve your personal goals with your lifestyle in mind. 


Renee Groenland, CPT, MT