A First-Time Mom's Story


“When you are a mother, 

you are never really alone in your thoughts.

A mother always has to think twice,

once for herself and once for her child.”

It’s Day 262 of my little one; officially 37 weeks and 2 days old to be exact.  

As I'm writing my story tonight, I asked myself why I have the desire to share a glimpse of my journey to a group whom I haven't fully met. But then I realized that this Postpartum Support Group is actually part of my motherhood journey and I am grateful about it.  I am glad to have known a strong woman like Jen, whom I met in one of the stroller walks in 2018.  So here I am, empowered to share my story as I aim to help in uplifting women to thrive the struggles of motherhood.


I'm Mitchelle, an average mom, an advocate of Mental and Maternal Health, a believer of positivity, a self-motivated adventurer, and a lover of all Mom and Baby related information.  I'm the buzzy Mama of Little M and a fur mama of little Minpin B.  

I gave birth to a perfectly sweet little man in 2018. I'm currently on Maternity Leave and recently, I started my own MamaBuzz blog which aims to help mothers thrive the struggles of motherhood by buzzing positively with activities and inspiration.


It all started in August when I gave birth to my first born baby.  Where do I begin?  

As a first-time mom, I don't know a lot of moms in my own community.  I don't have a village.  I don't have a big family with me and I don't have people at home to guide and share experiences about motherhood.   Am I alone?

As a first-time mom, childbirth is really hard especially when the norm is not actually the norm back home.   You do things differently and you do it to most of your ability.  You strive to thrive.  It's like you're On call 24/7.  You are on your own.  Am I different?

As a first-time mom, I remember having questions about my postpartum recovery.  It's just me and my husband at home and being first-time parents, we don't know if we were doing things right.  Am I good enough?

As a first-time mom, there were times when I thought I had a colic baby, who cried for several hours and for several days.  Am I doing something wrong?

As a first-time mom, there were times when my baby was sounding sick and full of secretions that won't go away. I felt very helpless. What have I done?

As a first-time mom, there were times when I felt uneasy of my baby's health and have to bring him to the doctor, only to be sent home with the thought of saying that it's normal for his age.  Should I be bothered?

As a first-time mom, there were times when I tried my best to pump and made a stash yet my baby won't take a bottle.  Do I have a choice?

As a first-time mom, there were times when I napped for 30 minutes and felt like I had rested well enough.  Am I losing my mind?

The struggle of motherhood is real.  But it's amazing, rewarding and fulfilling.


As a Postpartum Mama, that's when I started researching Facebook groups in Calgary and I found the PPSC group.  I joined one of the stroller walks as I felt the need to meet other moms and babies.  I've always been an active person prior to motherhood and staying home was unusual for me.  I also have a friend who shares the same background as me.  We thought about it several times that cultural differences may be one of the factors that not all moms are able to access resources in the community.  So we pushed ourselves to get out from our own comfort zones and I'm glad we did.  

Since then, I have been utilizing some relevant information in the PPSC Facebook group.  There were times that I have to ask questions related to my son's health, his sleeping habits, and breastfeeding issues.  I found useful input from others.  Yes, the online community has been open despite not knowing each other.  It truly takes a village.

From there, I also joined several Mom and Baby classes, meet-ups and all things that are keeping me busy with my little man. I'm obviously enjoying Motherhood and being a mom, as we all know, we do anything that it takes for our child.

So here I am! I found my answers about why I'm here. I was born to be a Mom and be the Mom I want to be! I learned to accept realistic expectations of what motherhood really looks like.  I embraced the fact that everyone has their own unique experiences and mom shaming is something that needs to be erased.  I value self-care and joining the Journey to Self-Love was one of the best things that I have practiced for myself.  Finding that inner strength helped me put trust within me and I figured that I can keep myself away from stress and pressure of motherhood by motivating myself in creating memories with my little one and to keep buzzing positively. 

With this, I want to connect with others as a MamaBuzz and feel the joy of motherhood. Parenthood feels more real now. For sure I will experience ups and downs and lots of learning. This is just the beginning of my journey. 

“You'll learn to lower your expectations about what you can accomplish in a day.

Some days, it will be all you can do to keep baby safe, warm, and fed.

And that will be enough.”-Unknown